I had originally planned to do a quick piece on the DJI Phantom range of Drones with 4K Video and the ability to fly up to 5km from the remote - controlled by your iPhone or iPad - obviously these are being used quite regularly for filming aerial shots of properties, but are also great for showing off the surrounding areas (law and license permitting). They have now come in to an almost affordable bracket of approx £750 for a serious bit of kit that links with satellites to control positioning and stability. I had a demo from a friend and it literally blew me away.

Of course we all said, one day we will all be flying around in our own drones and cars will be old media and of course, I blinked and what was launched at CES last week - yes the Drone to carry humans!

So remember, I said it first, you will be able to send clients on viewings one day - in fact you probably wont even have to go with them - you can just control them from your phone or your watch from the comfort of your deckchair, hopefully on a beach somewhere the other side of the world - now wouldn't that be nice ;-)